Are you ready for the stage?

It happens in every manager’s life. The interview. The grand opening. The conference speech. The talkshow invitation.

It’s the moment of thruth: am I ready? Can I deliver? How can I make my company profit from my public exposure?

Our mission is to make you say a loud “yes” before going on stage.

You. Only ready. At all times.

Of course, you know the inner workings of your firm, in every minute detail. Of course you know your mission: to get positive coverage, good word-of-mouth and better public stature.

But sometimes, this knowledge is not enough. Sometimes it takes somebody like you: an expert in the field.

You need an expert in the media. In public image. In leadership through communications.

This is what we’re good at. And we can make you, too.

Since 2005, we train CEOs, GMs and PR managers into the arts of making a splash. A good part of the Top 100 Romanian Companies are led by our students.


It’s not a standardised course. It’s more like a tailored experience, where we put you and your company’s message through simulations, tests and debates. All designed to polish and strengthen your speech, public appearance and reaction skills.

Read on to see what we have in store for you.


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